Remediation And Sanitization Treatments For Strains Of The Corona Virus

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Important Covid-19 Information

Production loss. Quality of product erosion. Worker welfare and concern.Each of these descriptions outline a new normal in our work spaces as wemake our way back to the workplace amid the most devastating pandemic in generations. As we attempt to move forward and save the global economy, the uncertainty of the new landscape is daunting to both management and workers alike. The new model of successful business operations will rely on appropriate adjustments, both before and after our workers return.

We at Trojan Environmental Services understand the renewed focus andimportance for safe and sanitized work places. Because that's who we are.We service only commercial, governmental or industrial work spaces. Wefocus our chemical deployment specifically on the treatment of surface andairborne contaminants. Our NISUS DSV treatment chemical has beendetermined to be effective by the EPA against SARS-CoV-2, the cause ofCOVID-19.

As we get back to work, get back to basics, provide your employees,customers and their loved ones with a directed, site specific and cost-efficient treatment plan to mitigate risk and provide peace of mind so we can focus on a return to SUCCESS.

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